charging into the new yearNew Year’s resolutions… we’ve ALL made them, right? A recent article in Forbes suggests that just 8% of us actually achieve these goals. That’s discouraging from the get go. Consequently, many people just give up on making them in the first place.

That said, it’s time to make New Year resolutions a thing of the past. Forget these goals and charge into the New Year in a new way. Let’s start doing something that works. Instead of focusing on what you have to give up think in terms of what you have to gain.

Here are 4 keys to making week #52 a keeper  and charging into the New Year that’ll work.
Next year.
And every year after that.

  • Engaging the senses. Wait, what what?? That’s right, get out and enjoy life! This to-do is all about experiencing simple pleasures. And gratitude.
  • Plan Something Fun and Exciting. Stampede into the new year by planning a road trip or long weekend vacation. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Many times the new year is depressing as we get the credit card bill for spending that we didn’t budget for. Suck it up and move on to a brighter future by vowing not to get into this situation next year – and stick with it!
  • How do your goals match up with your skills, gifts, and talents? Are you just dreaming the dream or are you focused on achieving it? Maybe your wants or needs have changed. Reflect on this one. Marinate in it for a while. Then, put your game plan into action.
  • Lifestyle change. The 2 most common resolutions are to get fit and healthy and lose weight. It’s no secret that gym memberships and attendance skyrocket after January 1.Why wait? Start this week, and you’ll feel less stressed out, sleep better, and beat the crowd. The old way: I’m going to go to the gym every day starting January 2nd. The new way: Just do it. Make it a priority. Starting today!

This year, forget about resolutions and think in a new way about charging into the New Year. Make 2017 the year of the major breakthrough by focusing on these 4 tasks. You’ll be glad you did!