Our production team leader at church got married recently. It was a beautiful wedding. Then came the honeymoon – what are we going to do without Kevin leading production for 2 Sundays in a row?

At church we hang our hat on “Making Myself Replaceable.” We’re a growing organization where thinking on your feet and change are the norm.

Making Myself Replaceable… in the corporate world, we used to call this delegating… now it’s all about empowering your team…

Teaching the people on the team everything there is to know so that anyone who follows in my footsteps can pick up where I left off and keep moving forward… then all the people grow right along with the organization.

Making Myself Replaceable… Kevin has done it at our church… we made out just fine in his absence… ONLY because he displays true leadership skills.

Is this an emphasis in your organization?

Will the people walking in your footsteps be able to pick up where you left off?