“We now live in a world of infinite information. Most of our systems weren’t designed for this world. Even if you had the best recommendation system ever, and everyone stopped publishing interesting stuff tomorrow, you’d never get through all the content you’re interested in. You need a place to start. So our goal is to help people pay attention to the most valuable stuff first and to have the best ideas win.” Ev Williams,  founder of Medium.


Like I said about 6 months ago, a whole bunch of people just spent a whole bunch of time writing a whole bunch of material on the internet. How do we sift through the ashes to find the best of the best? I believe they just may have a model with the A to the Q.

These guys brought us Blogger. And Twitter. Hello, did you register that one? Like these dudes have been on the cusp before, maybe just maybe they’re on to some new goodness here too?

So here’s their angle:

  • Great ideas compete on their own merit at Medium. They rank short stories and manifestos based on interest and engagement.
  • They claim the best in-browser editor on the web. There is no layer of abstraction. “Smooth as butter and like no other” – Hmmm… it is incredibly clean. What writing should be 🙂
  • Writing here is a collaborative effort. That can be in the form of writing on a shared idea, or by inviting collaborators to help polish up a piece before publishing it. I like both of these possibilities.

OK, I got an invite and I hung out a shingle. “Just Out There” is my namesake. I have some material on the back burner for this place… we’ll see where it goes.

Please stop by and check it out, pretty cool!