All Sorts And Conditions Of PeopleWell, if you’ve followed the 10 + 1 series over the past year you may realize that I have reworked the material into The 7 Essentials Of Extraordinary Relationships, the subtitle of my new book that was released today, May 15th. There are, in fact, 11 chapters to the book, but only 7 of the building blocks were strong enough, IMHO, to make the list. It all adds up to love as this is the twine that ties it all together. You know, the cord of three strands? Yep, it’s a Jesus thing!

Here’s a glimpse of “All Sorts And Conditions Of People”…

“… and they lived happily ever after…” - It’s the standard ending to fairy tales, or stories that imply the good characters were blessed with happiness or joy. Happily ever after suggests we’ve found the right person or people to share life with. The saying also implies that the journey is ending. That’s cool in fairy tales. In our lives that’s just when things get exciting, and real. I’ll outline how finding the right people is where the journey begins, and the 7 Essentials that I will share with you will then put you on the right track to having extraordinary relationships.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is probably the most important aspect of finding satisfaction in your life here on earth, next to having a personal relationship with Jesus.

Sound interesting? You can take a closer look inside at Amazon by clicking this link, and purchase it there too!