Two million people have already downloaded it. It’s an app. Useful. Friendly. Fun. Innovative. I just found it. Grrrr…. 🙂

The Big Oven is a iPhone app and website with over 170,000 recipes. That’s a lot of food. One could be cooking for a lifetime with just this one site. My pots and pans are getting scarred, I can hear the cupboards rattling in fear. The forks and spoons are racing for the door.

The Big Oven includes some standard features, like the “rate a recipe” point-and-click and the “comment on this recipe” thing-a-ma-bobber.

Plus, some innovative goodies:

Try Me Soon Queue: Culinary Wizard Clementine is parusing through the site and finds something she would love to make but not tonight… stick it in the Queue, and it’s easy to find later.

The Grocery List: Sous-Chef Samantha finds a really awesome recipe, now what? Save it and the ingredients come up in a grocery list. If you already have the ingredient you can check that one off. The way cool part of this is that it also can be found in the palm of your hand, in the grocery store on your handy-dandy iPhone.

Now for the best part… we all have a little extra in life. It’s the stuff that we waste, or just throw away although it still may be useful for someone else. I’m trying to use the extra in any way I can. So if there are extra ingredients in the refrigerator try:

The BIGOVEN LEFTOVER WIZARD: This feature of The Big Oven allows you to put in ingredients and it comes up with recipes. I gave it the litmus test. I entered Apples, Beans and Cabbage and The Wizard came up with 14 different recipes of what to do with my extra.

Do you have any extra in your life? What ways have you come up with to use up the extra?