Girl blogs nearly always have flowers

Girl blogs are cool. I like them because they share about really sappy sweet topics that you don’t find when you frequent guy blogs. To me, guy blogs can be funny, but girl blogs tend to speak to my heart. In some ways I sort of write a girl blog.

Maybe you don’t read a lot of blogs and wouldn’t know a girl blog if you saw one…

there are a few ways to tell for sure that you’ve come across a girl blog:

  • There is a girl as the author (I know… I’m brilliant!)
  • Nearly all of the commenters are girls… except for one guy who happens to be a pastor… and one other guy who happens to be dating one of the girl blogger’s friends – The girl bloggers and community that supports them accept these mutants as one of their own… the dating dude gets the boot from the girl blog community when either (1) he stops dating the friend, or (2) he marries the friend. Either way, his days of acceptance within the girl blog community are numbered.
  • The front page of the girl blog is noticeably different from a guy blog… there are flowers, rainbows, hearts, baby pictures, and other warm-n-fuzzy frilly girl-ness.
  • The blogroll is loaded up heavily with other girl’s blogs… one notable exception is Jon Acuff’s Blog as it is unconditionally loved by all Godly bloggers!

it is noteworthy that not all girls who blog are true “girl bloggers” … some do mix… writing and building a unisex community… these girl bloggers are keenly recognizable by name… Sam, Alex, Baylor (especially in Texas), Charlie, Taylor or even Dakota (names that could be used for a guy or a girl)!

I mentioned jokingly above about my girl blog… however, the point does seem to have some merit.

  • No, I’m not a cross-dresser… but I do have more girl traffic/visitors/commenters at my place… plus, I also can lay claim to one of those names that could go both ways (attention please, I’m not a switch hitter and just may have previously addressed my sexuality ad nauseam!) 🙂
  • I Live in One Big Box . Yes, I’m one of those guys who loves church and believes circles are greater than rows (i.e., I dig my small group!)… and I’m a wee bit more relational than systematic.

btw, I first found out about girl blogs when I asked a girl blogger if I could guest post on her blog… she kindly pointed out to me that “this is a girl blog Chris” and gave me a heehee (that’s when I knew we were speaking the same language!)… she said I can stop by Occasionally but not to wear out my welcome (like I can comment there a couple of times a year… just cuz my name is Chris and I write a quasi-girl blog myself).

I thought that was pretty Cool !!

Maybe someday…

Would you consider yourself a unisex blogger?

If you’re not a blogger, would you consider reading the opposite gender blog to gain perspective?