Six months ago I wrote about two topics, authentic friends and being accountable, and the importance of letting go of grudges. At the time I wrote these, I had no clue what was about to happen. I did know that I was going through a storm and vividly recall a conversation I had with a staff member of and dear friend from my church. As I look back on “Authentic Connections” and “The Church Grudge,” I understand only now the good work that God has been doing through me and the other people involved.

I’m writing today to own up to a failure on a very personal level. I guess I could easily just walk away from this post and simply dodge this, but my sense of pride and ego are (generally) much smaller than that. Plus, I believe that God gave me this gift to write and that’s a part of my mission that’s still unfolding…

In April of last year I had a disagreement with another gentleman. No one was injured or hurt in any way. While that day I offered him my sincere apology, I had obviously committed a sin for engaging in the disagreement. I walked away from the incident believing that it was resolved. That disagreement led to a warrant being issued for my arrest, and not until August, during a routine patrol, I found out from the police the incident would produce a giant in my path, and the opportunity to continue reaching for greatness. In fairness to and respect for the other people involved I am accepting responsibility, and can now better understand and appreciate the conversation about the storm, that God (again) pulled me out of harms way in June and August, and there were a few other issues that I needed to tighten up on (don’t make too many Assumptions here 🙂 )

Challenges are opportunities to do something great! I hope you’ll find through my forthcoming writing that I’ve made good use of my time over the past 6 months. I continue to be at peace, and can’t begin to express my appreciation for each of you, the most incredible friends and family, and to God for this opportunity to humbly serve Him, and for the blessings of the Good News and His precious Son.