Another thought-provoking book by Andy Andrews, I just finished The Lost Choice. I have one more to go to be caught up with Andy’s collection of inspiring works.

The book centers on the history of an ancient relict, and how it has inspired the great achievements of many admired people through time – including Joan of Arc, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington Carver, Oskar Schindler and Alfred Vanderbilt.

The relict, divided into four parts early in history, empowers those who possess it. And reinforces that we all have a choice to make.

From the book…

“The Lord always provides me with life-changing ideas. Not that I am special. The Lord provides everyone with life-changing ideas. These ideas are quite literally a treasure map from the Almighty. It is up to each of us, however, to choose to dig for the treasure. Every man and woman on the planet contains within them the power to change the world, but this power is only manifested when one makes a conscious choice to use it.” George Washington Carver speaking.

The Lost Choice was very helpful to me. Sometimes I just need to take action (indeed, the dreaded indecision again!) … along with making good choices, another central theme of the book.

For me, this book was right up there with The Heart Mender and The Travelers Gift. Aside from The Bible, these three books more than any others I’ve read over the past year have helped me to be a better person and to help others as well.

What choices have you not made that you would consider “lost?”

Are there any “What If’s” in your life that you may loose due to inaction?