“Why the truth matters more than you think.” Andy takes us on an educational journey of how a leader misleads a whole bunch of folks into the gas chamber. Pretty sick thought. But true story. Then he takes this logic a step further… and encourages us to make wise choices when we select our leaders… and how we should accept nothing less than the truth from them.

Andy says… “Have you  ever noticed how we judge the “bad guys” by their actions, and the “good guys” by their intentions?” He then illustrates Andy Stanley’s Principle of the Path, which states “it is direction, not intention, that determines destination” … how good choices lead to good results… and how bad choices lead to… you know.

Andrews says, “The only way we have to know a person who aspires to lead us is to listen to what he says and watch what he does.” Good advice Andy. Another excellent book from a favorite author!

What qualities do you look for when trying to evaluate a leader that you may follow?