The Bible says…

I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus speaking to the disciples, from Matthew Chapter 18.

So I’ve been thinkin’… just how childlike does He want me to be? Obviously I need to be responsible, productive and learn from my experiences.

I don’t think He wants me to be too childlike…

For that matter, it seems that once we reach the age of middle school we’re too influenced by peer pressure and the desire to conform and be just like everyone else.

So maybe about 5 would be perfect. I know, I shouldn’t ask permission to tinkle when I’m requesting directions to the pottie. And maybe the Transformers Band-Aids for my boo boo’s are just not going to look very professional when I go to a meeting. But I can still do my goofy chicken dance, right? Not at the meeting but at home (maybe I’ll be brave enough to post that video here one day). Or my ridiculous handstand. It’s pitiful!

Seriously, this seems to be an important part of spiritual maturity… becoming not only more like Christ but also more like a child in our qualities and character. I like that!

So what are these qualities? Well, I started a list, maybe you can add to it:

Limitless possibilities, imaginative, joyful, playful, self-expression, laughter, unconditionally loving, innocent, selfless, trusting, inquisitive, and adventuresome.

We can learn so very much from children. Soak it up.

I need some new chicken dance moves if you have any!