Is there a flame alive within single church guys today?

This seems to be a question mark hanging over any single guy who is a follower of Jesus…

He can talk the talk… but does he walk the walk?

When we consider these creatures, there are a few options…

  • a) is he a flaming hypocrite?
  • b) is he just a flamer?
  • c) has his flame gone out?

Let’s explore these possibilities…

a) the flaming hypocrite theory…

Ok, so there are probably exceptions to every generalization… however, most guys are bright enough to know that if they walk into church on Sunday morning reeking of alcohol and with lipstick on the shirt collar that someone is going to get a little suspect… so they simple head out for the Big Night on Friday instead of Saturday.

Here’s another sign they may be Type A: Smiles. Smiles are good… but not TOO much… that may be a sign this guy fits in as a Flaming Hypocrite… or maybe this one is just a morning guy? (just sayin’).

One last thought here, single guys… IF your church happens to be within eyesight of your dreaded “walk of shame” … DO NOT even consider traversing the land until well after the last service time, preferably waiting till dark. It would definitely not be too cool if ANYONE from your church was to witness this walk… lest they have to actually offer you a lift or on-the-spot ministry with who-knows-what Bible verse they may flip to first (for the  sake of goodness, let’s just say it’s Romans 8:28).

Answer b) Is he just a flamer? Chris really isn’t going to write about judging gay people again, is he? I’m taking it easy since it is a Monday… but here are a couple of thoughts a single guy might consider when he’s trying to decide what to do on a Sunday morning, and how his thought process could keep him out of being labeled Category B…

As christians, we want to have intimacy and a relationship… with someone we refer to as “Him?” Seriously, this sounds a wee bit ridiculous to most men. I know it’s the fa-la-la season and all that but should we really “don we now our gay apparel” … right out in the open?

Jesus said He was going to make the apostles into “fishers of men” right? When most guys think of going fishing, they imagine hopping into a boat that has a name along the lines of “Reel ’em In” … heading out with a cooler full of… cold beverages… and catching fish. The boat MAY have a secondary purpose… but it would most certainly NOT be used for fishing for men… how ridiculous!

And then there is Answer c) the flame has gone out… this would make life as a single christian dude so much easier than not having a mess of testosterone churning inside. Maybe someone should stage a cooler in the fellowship hall labeled “for the single men only!” … spiking the cool-aid with something-or-another that would quench the need.

Relief… there is also an answer d)…

d) none of the above.

This is possibly the best place to be. Think about it… if the guy is coming to church regularly maybe just maybe he is doing his very best? We need to give them a break… trying not to pick them apart like a smoked mullet.

In reality, from what I see at my church, this is more of a single-guy hang up than anything. Just show up and be real… do your best to be a macho Answer D man… and you may just find Mrs. Right at the church!

Do you see many single guys at your church?

Why do you think a lot of single guys don’t go to church?