Andy Andrews describes a noticer as someone who picks up on little things. Andy says: “Many people ignore ‘small stuff,’ claiming to have an eye on the bigger picture, never understanding the bigger picture is composed entirely of small stuff.”

Andy is a noticer, as is the drifter, sage of a wise man named Jones, the protagonist of Andy’s book, “The Noticer,” and it’s sequel. Jones is a bit of a healer who notices little things about people and creatively finds a way to help them. It’s an inspiring story of love and putting everything into its proper perspective.

I must say there are times when I wish I didn’t notice things. I recall an abrasive co-worker from many years ago who I tried to help out and it just turned into an adversarial situation. Bummer. First and foremost, people have to want to recognize their own shortcomings and want to change before we can really help them. This usually goes back to the condition of our heart.

Like a compass always points to the north, the course of action of a helpful servant guides a path toward positive change and improvement. (Click To Tweet)

The compass always aligns with the earth's magnetic field.

The compass always aligns with the earth’s magnetic field.


How do I use this ability to help other people? It’s a gift to be able to pick up on something, and it takes a master noticer to figure out how to be able to use the knowledge to influence and bring someone to a better place through forward motion. I have found 3 keys that have been helpful to mastering the skill:
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Caught in the act... of going commando.

Caught in the act… of going commando.

So I’ve got a bit of a man crush on Bradley. It’s been going on for quite some time. Before you get any wild ideas be sure to read my thoughts on gay guys, guys hitting on each other and that sort of thing.

So you know that I helped lead Jay Z to God. True for a Win. Furthermore, if Jon Acuff can dig on rap music, I’m guessing the good Lord is ok with me liking on BC just a wee bit.

“Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.” Jonah 2:8

Easy there hoss my thing for Cooper isn’t anything like that…

The media surrounding Hollywood feeds off the scandalous behavior of people. The ironic thing is that many people in Hollywood are no different from the rest of society, they are just in the public limelight and therefore… fatal attraction – the scuttlebutt of the rich and famous is “newsworthy.”

Back to Cooper. Why, you may ask, do you like this guy? How is he a renegade in a land filled with immorality and debauchery?

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THE PRECIPICE_CoverTC Avey is one of my favorite writer friends and is a Christian devoted to God, family and friends. She is passionate about encouraging Christians to live a life dedicated to Christ as well as helping them understand the importance of preserving our national freedoms through knowledge and love. She blogs at Wisdom of a Fool. You can also follow her on Twitter. Her book, The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends, is available on Amazon today, April 7th.

I asked her to answer and few questions about the book:

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Always let your faith be bigger than your fear.

Always let your faith be bigger than your fear.

When I first started writing it was super scary. Some good friends encouraged me to do it, saying they thought it was a spiritual gift. I thought they were joshing with me as I never was very good at writing growing up. Plus, my memory of writing as a student was not a good one – writing was about as painful as pulling teeth.

What am I going to write about?
What if no one reads my writing? Man, that would make me look really foolish, right?
What happens if or when I run out of ideas?

The wall of fear with my writing dilemma was one of acceptance. I was establishing barriers to success before I even started. I had to overcome the vulnerability thing. This was scary. On the first day that I hit the publish button on my blog I felt about as exposed as a streaker running buck naked through Florida Field on a fall Saturday. “Have you no sense of decency, you silly joke of a man?” – these were the hateful words that went through my mind. Where do they come from? Need I say more…

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Image courtesy of dentedup on

Image courtesy of dentedup on

I was listening to an Andy Andrews podcast the other day, he was talking about how every choice that we make is a product of our thinking. So I got to thinking – what to do when challenges threaten to take us off the path?

We all have challenges in our day-to-day lives. I’m no exception, but I do make a choice in how I manage them and how that choice as well as my manner of thinking affects me as a person. The perspective we glean from our challenges shows up in how it shapes us, and our heart. It helps to define our character.

What to do when adversity appears? How can we overcome the difficulty of staying true to the path? The apostle Paul comes to mind…

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