“God loves other Churches almost as much as He loves yours.” Donald Miller

Have you ever had this feeling?

It’s the “my Church is way more awesome than your Church” feeling.

If you’ve found a Church that you love, Hallelujah to that!!

I’ve been to a few different Churches, and have nothing bad to say of those that I was a member at previously.

I like to go to different Churches when I’m traveling. Sometimes it’s a good experience, and other times… well, let’s say I’m reminded about what I love about my Church.

But that’s just me and not to say that the other Churches aren’t great places. There are people at the Churches that I didn’t really connect in that love them. And that’s a great thing.

Then there are those people who go but really don’t connect at their Church, and those who don’t go because they don’t like “Church.”

Church can be a turn off if you’re in the wrong place. The Church is considered the Bride of Jesus. And the body of believers makes up the Church.

If you are a believer and don’t like your Church, or don’t go to Church… pray to God to guide you to the right place. It’s also a great place to connect with like-minded people who share your values and beliefs. And people who you can do life with.

And the grudge thing… hmmm, well, when we get to heaven there isn’t a Church… we’re all just one big happy family. So let it go, man, let it go!!

What do you or don’t you like about Church?