back to the future time machine

If you’ve got the gigawatts, one day there just may be another way back to the future. Today, there’s just one honorable way.

The summer doldrums… do you know the feeling? I love the longer days of summer but the heat is a bit much here in Jacksonville, Fla. By the time Labor Day rolls around every year I am yearning for the season of change. Fall. As my mind wandered to change I got to thinking more about it and came up with two ways to change history…

The secret to change is not resisting what we’re called to leave behind, it is the burning desire to build upon what is new. (Click To Tweet)

Until there is a time machine gizmo to take us back to the future, like Dr. Emmett Brown’s, we’ll have to settle to some other ideas for changing history. Fortunately, I bring good news today. If we think of every moment as moving on the continuum from past, through present, and into the future, there are two ways to change history:

– I’m first going to share with you an unbecoming way to change history: to muddle the truth. My example: the attempt to convince that Martin Luther King Jr. was not an awesome guy. Wait what what? Yep, the notion that if we throw him under the bus his influence with be diminished. I believe MLK Jr. came in the name of love, as the U2 song goes. If you try to change the truth you’ve come to raise the dead. There is only One who can and will raise the dead. His name is Jesus. Raising the dead by anyone other than Jesus is spiritual attack. We can effectively defend that by using God’s word (the sword of the Spirit), putting on the shoes to keep moving in the forward direction of the future (shoes point that way for a reason).

– The second way to rewrite history is to Change it before it occurs. Remember “#52: Thankful It’s A Keeper” – maybe not lol… I wrote an inspiring piece about the last week of the year. It was several years ago. I ventured into a challenging week with an optimistic spirit. In doing so, I was able to be a change agent in what otherwise might have been an embarrassing and ill-fated journey down a dark road for a few folks. We collectively changed history in that moment.

Be it the summer doldrums or some other season that needs a spark in the right direction, we can change history as it happens. Changing the past by manipulating the truth is looking for trouble – I wouldn’t suggest venturing down that one. Let the truth speak for itself.

If you’ve got the gigawatts, one day there just may be another way back to the future. Today, there’s just one honorable way.

In what ways are you being a change agent to the glory of God?