I was looking the other day at my Post Series page and realized that I’m slacking on book reviews lately… it’s not that I’m not reading, but I would say that I have wandered off from the norm.

I also realized that I don’t write reviews for all of the books I read.


It’s not that I’m shying away from writing a bad book review.

For starters, the best answer is that I AM judging books by their cover… or, put another way, I generally don’t read books that I don’t enjoy.

Here’s another tidbit… I do start some books and never finish them… I’m reading one right now, a best-seller by a very popular author… it’s in the business, management, change genre… the stuff I used to read a lot of. On page 30 I’m Thinkin’ this one is really not me… I should skip it… nonono… I can glean knowledge from SOME of this stuff, besides, it’ll be good for me to mix it up a bit… but I’m struggling with it every time I pick it up… now I’m skipping pages, sections and YIKES… entire chapters are going to the wayside!

And therein is another answer to the question of why no review… I’m not reviewing books that I don’t read in their entirety.

There is one exception to this…

I enjoy reading children’s books with Nolan. I read The Foot Book several times yesterday. This is currently Nolan’s favorite book.

I LOVE the foot book. It’s just butter.

That would summarize my review of The Foot Book… and all other similar books.

What books are you reading now? What types of books do you enjoy?