Today’s post, “The Present”, is from one of my favorite blogger friends, Carol Peterson. Carol is a writer with a heart for encouragement, sharing parables of faith at her blog for kids, readers and writers as well.


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The first thing I do when I receive a gift is to hold it. I stroke the paper, twiddle with the ribbon, even adjust the card slipped under the bow, making sure it sits perfectly on the package—just to enjoy the moment, the love behind the gift and the wonderful possibilities it contains.

I slide out the envelope, noticing the writing on the front and whether the person had added a whimsical heart or flower to express their affection. Or just to make me smile.

I turn the envelope over. Is there a sticker or a smiley face on the flap? Or perhaps a lipstick mark, if it’s from Mom?

I slide my finger inside the flap and gently tug, careful not to destroy the envelope in my excitement. Out slips the card. I smile, noticing how the personality of the giver is reflected in her selection of the card; how the words evoke her feelings and relate to what she knows about me. Her personal words inside add to the delight, bringing with the printed words a part of her heart for me.

I set the card aside and tug at the ribbon. I watch the loop of the bow slither smaller, until it disappears and transforms into a single ribbon. I release the ribbon and watch as it curls into a tendril, bouncing happily up and down; up and down, as if it, too, delights in anticipation of the joy to follow.

As my hands smooth across the wrapping, I notice the colors and texture of the paper—silky or rough; cool or crinkly. My fingers find the edges where the tape—nearly invisible—has clasped them together, delicately attempting to delay my delight. I pull and the paper falls away.

The box sometimes has words on it, used for another purpose perhaps. Sometimes it is misshapen or tattered. Sometimes it is new and clean. But it is always beautiful, because it contains the gift— the precious thing my loved one has picked out and presented to me.

I lift the lid, flick away the frothy tissue and…

…oh! Thank you! It’s wonderful!

This is how I want to live my life for Jesus. This is how I want to experience every moment of every day. This is how I want to anticipate the ultimate gift Jesus has for me—the precious gift of eternity.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank you for the greatest gift we will ever receive—spending eternity with you. Thank you for this life here on earth also. Please show us how to fully appreciate these moments in a way that reflects your love for us and our love for you. Amen.