Ripples are a series of waves… capillary waves that form on the surface of water. They are disturbances that transfer energy. Throw a small stone in a body of water and with a kerplunk waves resonate out from the point of impact. Quiescence is replaced with rhythmic waves of turbulent flow in the purest, soft and sensual form. If we really think about it, the wave phenomena involves sights, sounds and feeling in a poetic and beautifully patterned way.

Our identity can mirror this ripple effect too.

We have an active role in how we identify ourselves… what we see and how we are viewed… or reflection.

Our reflection IS the ripple… it comes and goes the same way the series of waves moves across the water’s surface… and the water surface eventually returns to its quiescent state… in the same way our reflection fades away…

In life, a residual trails the wave and significantly identifies our character.

Our experiences are a part of the residual… what did you leave behind? Will you hold onto good memories? What will your legacy be?

Our heart… deep down below the surface of our reflection…….

How we identify ourselves… and how our character defines us.

It all plays out in the level of intimacy we can achieve.

Intimate, sensual and passionate?

Can we?


Or distant and aloof … no God? Unfortunately, this may be one’s default modus operandi …

The Ripple Effect: Identity, Character and Intimacy… the core of any person.

Which zone? I know which zone I want to stay in…

How do we get there?

Riding the wave and making a ripple… it’s easier than you may think!

The Ripple Effect: Identity, Character and Intimacy is a post within the short series called The Wave. Please check out The Wave post page and the other posts in this series.