cowabunga-lujah Saddington and Hyatt Rock!!

It was just over a year ago that I won a free copy of Standard Theme, responding to a prompt on a guest post written by John Saddington at Michael Hyatt’s blog. I’m very thankful to John and Michael. That was a double-fist pump kind of day!! I guess I must have said something right (that time :))… and followed their advice to focus on writing writing writing content, not getting too hung up on the minor details of glitz and glamor (call my blog frumpy, go ahead!!).

So how’s it going at the one-year milestone? Well, I’ve thought many times I’ll surely run out of material to write about… it seems that’s what happens to many blogs. Amazingly, I have more ideas that I have time to write! And I feel like an old yard-bird chicken, having only scratched the surface with my skinny legs.

I am picking up on a few things along the way…

  • I need some refinement… yep, I need to learn how to write, sad as that may sound for a dude my age.
  • I’m eternally grateful to our Heavenly Father and my friends that have continually supported and encouraged me to keep it up!
  • OOooooohhhhh, the dreaded INDECISION again !!! I’m praying about some decisions… still feeling this is God’s calling for me, and am praying for something………… B-I-G (relentlessly asking, seeking, knocking… that’s Andy Stanley’s advice, to all of us!!). I know, it sounds sort of like Joel O’Steen… but let me tell you, my friend, Andy has the delivery on this one hands down.
  • If I really want to write books (Y-E-S, I can say I DO), I need to keep working not only on my writing but also on my audience. It seems that being an author now days not only means bringing a great book (or, say, maybe 3 GREAT BOOKS 🙂 ) to the table, wanna-be authors now days need to pony up to the plate with a fan base… thus all of the activity on Twitter and facebook.

I can’t thank each of you enough for all of your encouragement, your input is invaluable to me.

Back to work … and on to the next B-I-G milestone… the 5-second handstand!!

Love You All !!!

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