share the gospelHow do you explain the Gospel? The question came up twice for me in the same week, and low and behold I’ve never articulated the thought in writing… so I thought I better have at it!

Bilbo B. wasn’t exactly gifted for an adventure… he simply went along with a game-changing calling.

Here’s my go at the Gospel:

God created the world. He also created man in his image. When he created man, he gave us a gift: free will, or the freedom to make choices. “The fall of man” occurred in the Garden of Eden shortly thereafter when Adam and Eve exercised their free will and sinned, following the instruction of satan disguised as a snake, and disobeying God. Therein lies the problem – the wage for disobedience or sin is death and eternal separation from God. We, as humanity, have royally messed up. Since Adam and Eve, all of humanity has fallen short… we’re all sinners in need of a Savior… there is no other way.

Fortunately, our God is a loving God. So, he sent his son, Jesus, to live a perfect, sinless life on earth in the flesh as a man and to die on a cross as a substitute for our sin, thus providing an opportunity for us. Again, there is no other way. Jesus didn’t come into our world to make bad men good. He came into our world so that dead men can live. Thankful.

Jesus reigns in heaven at this time called the church age and offers us forgiveness for our sins. When we repent from our sins and believe in him we all can have eternal life… If that is our choice. Here’s another cool part of the story: when we belong to God and are a part of His family the Holy Spirit dwells within us. Our human body actually becomes a temple where our living God dwells.

Can you dig it? Or maybe I should say can you feel Him within?

How would you explain the Gospel?

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