Yee-Haw !!

When I started out on my own as a Geologist it was really scary. I had been working in the consulting field for about 10 years, and self-employment was something that I always wanted to do. I asked several people (much wiser, older guys) that worked with me and in our field about the idea and they encouraged me to do it. They all said that I would make out fine. So I did… scary as it was, I struck out on my own… left my salaried position at Jones, Edmunds and gave it a whirl. What I found out about self-employment was valuable but not nearly as important as this single action that I took along the way…

I followed my heart down a path that I was truly passionate about.

Why? Well, I had told myself this was one of those decisions in life that if I didn’t try it out I would end up being disappointed in myself somewhere down the road. I can’t live my life that way. To me, that’s not living every moment. It’s living a life that I would look back and regret. There’s something deep inside me that keeps me from doing that. I’m not talking about doing something foolish… remember, that was my greatest sin.

Living what your heart is saying… you see, your heart, when it’s healthy, can and will provide you valuable insight to your passions. These passions can ultimately lead you to a satisfying life… the stuff that dreams come true are made of. Choosing not to follow a healthy passion will often leave us unfulfilled and empty.

Embracing the journey. That is the message of living what your heart is saying.

Like now… I don’t really want to live on the edge every day of my life… that wouldn’t be me. I enjoy the adventure of working in foreign countries and have some pretty crazy stories to go along with this. You can watch a video of a Bahamas work trip adventure that involved working throughout the night to complete our project on time and make my scheduled flight home (with an hour to spare!)

But on the average Friday night I would rather be out for a nice dinner and then melting at home. I know, it may sound a little boring to some… but I’m just not all that dramatic… (remember I can also have fun stuck in an airport overnight with the right company… ahhh yes, spontaneous adventure ;-)).

Living what your heart is saying…  I trusted in God and He provided.

That’s a good story… and living your life well.

Do you have an experience from the past where you regret not following your heart?