The 1964 US World's Fair.  The theme was "Peace Through Understanding"

The 1964 US World’s Fair.
The theme was “Peace Through Understanding”

So you know I’m a huge fan of Brene Brown. She writes this message about vulnerability, and how it’s ok. She’s spent a career focused on figuring out how this one word, vulnerability, will fix humanity. She found her calling and poured her heart out in a TED video. It went viral, and so did her popularity. So she’s a rock star in my book.

The coolest thing about Dr. Brene Brown and her vulnerability message is how liberating it is to just be yourself. I think of it as a rock star’s message for leading a rock star life. So I’ve been reading more and more about how the up and comers are different. Did they already figure out the secret sauce to being rock star? Maybe we can learn from them too. Iron sharpens iron. This is all quite fascinating to me.

The Barna Group says that:

– 75% of U.S. adults say they are looking for ways to lead a more meaningful life.
– 48% of Christian Millennials say God is calling them to different work, yet they haven’t made the transition.
– Only 40% of practicing Christians say that they have a clear sense of God’s calling for their lives.

So our church’s disciple groups are going through the Compass program for managing finances God’s way. What’s this got to do with being a rock star? Well, blending faith, work and finding my calling are all a big part of just being me. That’s what the Lord is calling each of us to do, to blend. That defines your rock start life.

This idea of calling – I’ve discovered that it usually has something to do with two factors:

What are our spiritual gifts? These become evident some time after we believe and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. For me, it took several years after the act of acceptance, and only when I finally turned it all over to Him before I figured it out, and only then with the help of some other believers. Pretty cool how that works!

How can we best apply our experiences. Again, mine are a unique blend of my education and life experiences, both good and bad, that have led me to the calling of including the theme of “Peace, Love and Unity” here in my community. Can you put your arms around applying yours?

This all boils down to how much we can accomplish with the time we have available.

When God made each of us with unique gifts and talents He didn’t anticipate that we would all end up working at the church. We’re called to ministry every day, just where we are. He needs our presence to be seen everywhere, and on every day of the week.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23-24

Just thinking out loud, these trends and desires are leading to a bit of a dilemma between the stage that has been set by our culture and society, and what our future is shaping up to look like.

The landscape has changed, from a traditional career path that once included a narrow, well-defined profession working for a handful of employers over a lifetime, to a freelance trail that may include multiple part-time gigs at the same time. The quest for meaning still remains the same – we’re all appointed to do it with the purpose of serving each other, and serving the Lord. Enter Generation Y.

Who are the Generation Y’ers? Interestingly, there was another generation not too long ago that resembles them in many ways. Check out this writeup.

Both the Millennials and the youth of the 60’s twerked off establishment. So did Elvis. Come to think of it I guess Jesus did in many ways, too. These newbies are rebellious hipsters. Neon beatnicks. The cause? The 60’s Rock Stars were called to end segregation, their modern-day equivalents are called to end homophobia. Jesus was called to unchain us from the shackles of living up to an unachievable standard. And Elvis, well, I’m guessing he was called to just shake, rattle and roll. Oh My… Emos.

The calling of your rock star life – it’s like a 60’s come as you are party… whatever it is that you may look like at the moment, don’t be embarrassed, just show up! Indeed, and in the olden days we couldn’t even journey to the grocery store without applying a thin veneer of makeup! Never smoked pot, or drove a Lamborghini? That’s OK, drag in the streets is still a crime in most states, Mr. Bieber. btw, I’m guessing that Mr. B’s success as a rock star maybe lead him down the wrong path. Sometimes success can do that to us. That’s Ok too, there’s still hope. We’re working on rapper Jay Z, right?

Why DO I relate to the Millennials? I think because my personality matches up with the creative freelance style, and it seems they also have a strong sense of community.

So, what to do with the freebirds? Accept these Millennials just as they are. So the cool similarity of the Y’ers and hippies is that both are comfortable in their own skin. Remember what Brene Brown is selling:

“You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability” BB

Liberating Rock Star that we can all reach our calling just being our selfies.

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