Casey Darnell at Buckhead Church

So much of what I write about popular culture is basically ripping on it in general, and me extensively, as I have my fair share of pop culture indulgences.

I don’t think the world today is all bad. Since I’m a total optimist I wanted to share a thought on how popular culture is being successfully used in churches today to create an inviting environment that tends to draw people, including non-believers, into the church and helps them feel comfortable while they are there.

My first experience with secular music at church was at Buckhead Church in Atlanta several years ago. I was invited by a girl I was dating who lived there at the time. I think Steve Fee played a Bon Jovi song (Sorry Andy , I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Bryan Adams :)). I did a double take to see if anyone else was kind of freaked out by this. I mean, I was thinking they surely must have an escape tunnel like in Hogan’s Heroes, because if too many people found out about this there is going to be trouble… like this is crazier than mentioning sex on a God blog… thankfully, everyone seemed to be on-board so I was at ease.

Soon enough, I found other churches that were following the lead by the evangelical movement.

Very cool.

You’ll hear some non-churchy songs when you come to my church ( Access Church, a strategic partner with Buckhead, and North Point Community Church). The music is a little loud for some people. Generally, our worship music includes 3 contemporary christian tunes. We will also occasionally have an opener or closer that may be mainstream, and sometimes non-christian background music is playing during entrance/exit times. Some of the band is even hired from within the community, we mix it up a lot! I believe this is another excellent opportunity to draw more and more people in that otherwise would not attend.

I think pop culture goodness in the church today is huge!

It shows that christians are real people.

We need that.

We need to connect with mainstream society more.

Our God is working in wonderful ways!!

Where do you see God’s goodness in popular culture today?

How do you feel about secular music being played in church?