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Have you ever read the Bible and really didn’t get it? When I first started reading the Bible it was like a foreign language… difficult to understand and interpret (and I’m not even referring to Jesus’ parables!). As I started to read more and more some of it started to make sense… or so I thought at the time. My first big boy Bible, given to me by Grammy Ann, was the New International Version (NIV). The NIV is sort of the modern-day speakeasy version of the big book. I now have 3 Bibles, adding to the NIV an Amplified Bible and the New King James Version, which is now my favorite.

My mom gave me “Living By The Book” not long ago. It’s like a college text for theologians (which I’m not… I’m just an average Joe who happens to love our Lord and Savior). Written by Dr. Howard G. Hendricks and his son, William. Dr. Hendricks was a distinguished professor and lecturer at Dallas Theological Seminary. This book is basically Dr. Hendricks “how to study the Bible 101 course.” I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more of The Word. Through it, as Charles Swindoll says, “the Bible became user friendly.” I agree with Swindoll. This book opened up my mind to parts of Bible verses and passages like never before. This takes work and practice… and Dr. Hendricks book is instrumental in learning how, focusing on Observation, strategies for reading, keys to Interpretation and, of course, Application. I learned how to read a verse in its proper context, feeling the power of the individual words, along with getting the big picture of each of the books within the Bible. “Living By The Book” is a powerful tool to learning more from the Bible.

Are there any books you could recommend that help one absorb more from the Bible?