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How We’re Thinking: From Parenting To Cultural Change

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My sweet daughter Rachael graduated from UF Health Jacksonville! She worked hard and earned it, so excited for her!!

My sweet daughter Rachael graduated from UF Health Jacksonville! She worked hard and earned it, so excited for her!!

I just finished this way cool book by Andy Andrews called “The Noticer Returns.” Since I don’t write book reviews here any more please feel free to follow this link over to Amazon.com where you can read my review and those by many other people who also love this book. I was pretty stoked when I started reading “The Noticer Returns” and realized that we’ve been thinking in parallel, surely moved by the Holy Spirit in some very similar ways recently. All this year I’ve been thinking more and more about having influence beyond what we typically consider traditional boundaries. From everyday heroes to participating in a Disciple Group that is the truest slice of community that I’ve ever seen in a church, I am inspired to say that for the sake of unity and furthering God’s kingdom, change is taking place in our community. Those that matter are making a difference. Andy’s book left me with the usual warm and fuzzy feeling, and it tied up some loose ends for me, providing wisdom and understanding.

Developing a better understanding of culture was one outcome of reading this title for me. Andy’s character Jones states, “If you are ever going to change a culture, you have to understand how it was created in the first place.” He shows us how it all starts with our thinking…

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Time To Reconsider Our Relationship With Time?

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fishingI was reading an article recently about the value of time as it relates to stress and punctuality in our Western society. It seems the American tendency to be up tight about time is extreme in comparison to other cultures. Sometimes the day seems like people run around in what I call “ambulance mode” – tending to the urgent instead of the most important. Well, our standard is becoming a minority viewpoint when it comes to some values or traditions that we once embraced. Our nation continues to evolve into a true multicultural mix of equality and freedom for all. So maybe it’s time to reconsider our relationship with time?

“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.” Henry David Thoreau

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