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Ok, so you’re ready to dive right into The Wave of Identity, Character and Intimacy. Sweet! Experiencing true intimacy is easier than you think…

In fact it’s so incredibly simple you may laugh when I tell you the “secret.”

The key to having true intimacy is for me to just be myself. My presence should accurately reflect who I am.

Think of your life as a story. Can you tell us the whole story? Most people have something from their past they would rather not say. Chalk that one up to experience… and really learn from it. However, if your life entails living a story now and you would rather not share the whole story… you may want to rethink how you’re living as you’re just sticking your toes in the water. That part of the story that you can’t share is holding you back from the best that God has in store for you… and from experiencing true intimacy.

One story… one life… one me… consistently!

I don’t need to morph into an alter ego to change my curb appeal. Remember, curb appeal quickly looses significance when we’re heading down the highway… or trying to catch the big wave for the long ride into shore.

Here’s one more suggestion: Don’t forget to bring a humbled spirit. A humble spirit will take you far.

I believe this is true with finding intimacy in every relationship in our lives… those at work, friends and family, spouses, and, most importantly, with God.

When I am just me things begin to happen. Life gets real and exciting… the gracedrops fall… puddles of blessings appear…

… I can dive in and ride the wave.

Are you ready to dive in?

Are you ready to ride the wave?

it’s easier than you may think…