Why are our relationships important to God?

I think it’s the most important activity here on earth. Think about the “one anothers” in the Bible: love one another, be at peace with each other, be devoted to each other, honor one another, live in harmony with one another, stop passing judgment on one another, accept one another, serve one another, forgive each other… the list goes on.

So who are we going to ___ one another?

Other people silly!

Here’s why:

We’re created in God’s image. How we treat one another is a direct reflection of the presence of Jesus in our lives. Our relationships with one another are as important to God as our bond to Him. That’s why He said go and make amends with your brother before coming to the altar. We’re impoverished without good, solid relationships with other people. We can’t assemble in a manner pleasing to God unless there’s unity. That’s built on the foundation of one-on-one interaction.

Relationships with other people often define our best circle of influence. Think about it: from our interaction with our closest, most intimate compadre, to that brief encounter a complete stranger in a foreign country, we’re leaving an impression when we interact with other people. That warm smile in the grocery store several years ago may seem a little fuzzy than the high school sweetheart who’s fond memory is so sharp as if etched in stone.

Relationships define our presence. They matter more than policies and procedures. Think not? Think again! You’re on an island without other people. Plus, we can accomplish orders of magnitude more when we combine our gifts and talents. God made us that way, to compliment each other.

Introvert? It’s all good, you still need presence. And relationships. Introverts are relationship people too. They just prefer perspective to bubbly socialization. They socialize easily but prefer not to. At least at the same frequency as their extroverted counterparts.

“God is not just looking for performance but is looking for presence.” Joby Martin

This is pretty huge because we can never live by the law. We can fulfill it only by acting in accordance with God’s love.That’s going to involve some other people. Relationships are important. Do all you can to make and nurture the good ones. Start by being likable. That requires transparency. Be genuine and open-minded. Show an interest in one another. Ask questions. Be consistently passionate and at the same time fun. Relationships matter. People matter. Smile, and you’ll go far!


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