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guard your heart

Why “Guard Your Heart” is for Everybody

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guard your heartGuard your heart. It’s from the Bible verse, Proverbs 4:23.

Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

The subject of my book, The Wellspring of Life. The verse came to me several years ago through a sermon delivered at a church I didn’t normally attend. It was timely, immediately following one of the most challenging weeks one could imagine. And the message came with an overwhelming feeling of peace. Very surreal. I can only attribute it to God.

So I’ve been stuck on this topic ever since. And, I think this is a message for everybody.

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Caught In The Undertow

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Can you read the waves in the ocean, and life?

Can you read the waves in the ocean, and life?

I love to swim and play in the ocean. I guess I must have  been born that way, like some dogs are called “water dogs”. Having grown up in Vero Beach, Florida, my brother and I spent a lot of time at the beach. We would play in the waves for hours on end, riding our rafts all the way to the shore whenever we caught a good wave. I remember packing up the car with rafts, blankets, towels, food and drink, and lotion, and then the satisfaction of arriving at the beach for a good wave day; it was exhilarating!

On several occasions while riding the waves I recall being caught in an undertow. Usually when this happened it was sort of fun, like riding a big wave on my raft and being out of control for just a fraction of time. It often made me giggle. Maybe that’s just my love of adventure, I don’t know. Being caught in the undertow was sort of funny too, the first few times it happened, as I was able to overcome the feeling of being out of control quickly. Well, that all changed when I experienced a strong undertow that took me to the bottom and tossed me around until I was almost out of breath. That was scary, not knowing when it would end and I would be able to overtake the strong ocean current.

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