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What To Do With All Of Those Rocks?

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“Sometimes in life there just aren’t enough rocks” – Forrest Gump

forrest and jennyThose were Forrest’s words of wisdom upon reflection of Jenny’s rage of anger at her past as they stumbled upon the old house were Jenny was raised. Jenny unloaded every stone in sight on the structure, busting out a window in the process before slumping down in exhaustion to sob, maybe on that day once and for all relieved. Jenny’s childhood, from the glimpse that we saw in the movie, wasn’t all that wonderful. I’m guessing that her youth had a residual impact on her life, her pattern of running away from reality and years of reluctance to take the next positive step in the direction of God’s destiny and will for her life… a wonderful, albeit short, love that she would recognize and share with Forrest and their young offspring, little gumpster.

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