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The Beauty of Second Chances

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file0001657982077I believe in second chances. Where the heck would I be without one? Nowhere. Exactly.

Maybe whatever happened the first time around was out of your control. For instance, say your spouse passed away. Does that mean God wants you to be alone? Of course not! It’s simply a season of change, albeit a difficult one.

Sometimes relationships end for the wrong reason. You shared the same values and dreams but, for whatever reason, someone gave up. After careful consideration, you realized that you blew it. Hey, we all mess up at times. You may have to rebuild trust or communicate better. Is that worthwhile? If you still have feelings and there is an emotional attachment and attraction, maybe it’s time to give it another go.

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Bridging The Gap With Trust

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bridging the gap with trust

Bridging the gap. It’s an idiom used to connect two things, making the difference between them smaller.

Sometimes in life there is a gap. It may be the difference between something we learn and applying it. Or, it may have something to do with the future or uncertainty.

There are many examples.

For instance, when we walk across the street we bridge the gap with trust by believing the drivers are going to act in a certain way. Hopefully, in a manner so they will not run us over! On the road, we trust that drivers will stay in their lanes. We believe the airline pilot will be sober and alert.

To trust is to believe that someone is going to act in a particular manner.

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A New Twist On Love And Trust…

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Several weeks ago I was just days away from sending out my first book proposal. I was pretty happy with what I had put together, and I thought it was ready. Then, suddenly, everything changed. It seems my book project, The Wellspring Of Life, was incomplete. What? I thought I had nailed it down…. but, in reality, it was missing the most important chapter. I didn’t actually have to write the whole chapter to submit the book proposal… but what I learned was way more important than the book project… and just as important as the verse it is based on.

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