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The HA!! : The Perspective Of Schuss

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Time for “The HA!!” – This is my mini-series on life lessons I’ve gained through my humbling sports endeavors… I LOVE sports but genuinely suck at most of them, and, therefore, I’m a “HA = Humbled Athlete.” Please check out the other posts in this series at THE HA!! page.

It’s been said that a humble person keeps their talents, gifts and capabilities in proper perspective. (Click To Tweet)

Sports have always been an outlet, or playground, if you will, for me. Since I’m not really great at any one sport, I don’t have the difficulty of having to overcome an ego or pride when it comes to being top dog. I just don’t have all that much game when in athletics… there’s simply nothing to be proud of.

Which way to go?

Which way to go?

My passion for travel and the mountains lead to the pursuit of a winter sport that I can’t seem to get enough of… skiing. As I progressed in this activity I realized that my natural duck-footed stance makes skiing with both feet straight and perpendicular utterly unnatural. It’s more than unnatural, I would call it downright painful to have to orient my feet in the proper position to move gracefully down a slope all day. A switch to snowboarding helped keep me on the easier (green) slopes and provided relief to my aching knees. I would much rather “schuss,” or fly straight down an easier slope, than struggle to keep my speed moderated on a more difficult one.

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