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When A Dream Is Just A Dream

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Do you like to dream?

When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut. It was a big dream, and one that I was convinced was a part of my destiny. Being an astronaut (so far) hasn’t been a reality. I am still fascinated with outer space… and think of exploring God’s creation beyond our planet as an extension of a part of my destiny as a geologist. So I guess you could say that I am, so to speak, living that dream to some degree.

I’m thinkin’ using our imagination is a gift and a part of creativity…

but to have a dream and not live it can also be one of the biggest mistakes we can make.

How do we know when a dream is just dreamy?

There are times in life when we are asked by God to take a chance and live a dream…

and there are times when it’s incredibly obvious that changing course is the next move.

Proverbs 16:9 says: In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.

How do we stay on track with God’s perfect plan for each of us… and live The Dream that He intends for us?

What I’m finding out along the way is that there are plenty of clues to staying on the path… if we choose to pay attention to them. Keep in mind, there are plenty of other influences, obstacles, and detours along the way too.

The greatest obstacle for living a dream for me is indecision… for a dream is nothing more than a dream if we don’t take action. I am notorious for putting off decisions, and have made a conscious effort to overcome doing this… and it’s working!

How do we discern when there’s a decision to be made, or a choice between two paths?

and how do we follow God’s lead, and live out Proverbs 16:9?

Here are two ideas:

  • If you believe, and you ask God to lead you… He will… it may not always be in your way… or time… but it will always be perfect, according to His plan.
  • The other key here is found in the big book… The Bible. It’s filled with timeless, useful wisdom.

That’s it !! Plain and simple.

What is your dream?

Are you living it?

Are you following God’s lead, and perfect plan?

Or is your dream simply passing you by?

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Mowgli and the Mack Truck

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I got plowed by a Mack Truck when I was a little boy. At the tender age of 5, while cautiously walking Running a couple of short blocks from school, I carelessly ran right in front of a Mack Truck. Fortunately, the truck driver saw me, slammed on his breaks, and came to a screeching halt just as we made contact. I was knocked to the ground, barely scratched but completely terrified (as was my mom who came running out of our home to see what all the commotion was about).

Needless to say I have been much more cautious about crossing the street ever since then and am proud to say I haven’t been hit by another Mack Truck since. I guess I do still live on the edge whenever I run, especially crossing Southside Boulevard. And The Running of the Bulls is on my bucket list. That’s probably about as intelligent as running in front of a Mack Truck.

My point here is that I learned a valuable lesson from the Mack Truck incident…

“Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance.” Proverbs 1:5

And I’ve been able to learn sosososo much from my plethora of other life experiences too. Not to worry, the book is coming. It reads like fiction, that crazy!! Hoping it might sell like Blue Like Jazz 🙂

Do you have a life experience that you could say you’ve learned a valuable lesson from?

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carpe diem

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… or Seize the Day.

That’s what I feel like on Monday mornings. The sun comes up and I’m full of life and energy.

Ready to have at it.

A man with a plan, though most days for me don’t turn out as I planned. I go with the flow, no longer getting hung up on the minor details. Work blends with life and it’s taken in stride.

Keep on moving and trying to do good.

With A LOT of help from my friends.

And leaning on Him.

Through the calm and through the storm, He’s there to watch over me.

And He never lets go of me.

It’s all about attitude and optimism.

“Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you.” Proverbs 4:25

and don’t look back.

Make the most of every single day!

Happy Monday 🙂

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My daughters came up with this one a few years back… their theory is: All of dad’s relationships end with a big trip. It’s the Big Trip Big Dump, or B.T.B.D. for short.

They can rattle off the list of women and the corresponding trips. The list isn’t THAT long, but I’m not going there… And I’ve been on both sides of this, the dumper and the dumpee.

From my point of view they’re only partially correct. Some of these relationships did in fact end with a trip. There is one time where we actually went on the Big Trip that was planned well in advance, and I nicely let her know ahead of time I really wanted to go and enjoy the adventure, but unfortunately when we got back that we’d be splitting up. And we did. We went on the Big Trip… and… you know… We both agree to this day that it is a great memory. When we see each other there are hugs and laughs.

Not too long ago I received a very strong message from God… to guard my heart. It came in His perfect time and way. And was delivered on the same Sunday that I awoke to the most incredible feeling of peace and comfort from the Holy Spirit that I’ve ever experienced. Immediately following the most challenging week in my life… He delivered and took care of me. God’s Mercy. He demonstrated His power and love to me through one of my greatest weaknesses.

“Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23. There it was,  written all over the sermon notes handed to me on the same Sunday at a Church that I didn’t normally attend. But it was as if God wrote this message just for me, and the Pastor delivered a message that sank in deep. Really deep.

My Bible sums up this and the next three verses as follows:

“Our heart – our feelings of love and desire – dictates to a great extent how we live because we always find time to do what we enjoy. Solomon teaches us to guard our heart above all else, making sure we concentrate on those desires that will keep us on the right path. Make sure your affections push you in the right direction. Put boundaries on your desires: don’t go after everything you see. Look straight ahead, keep your eyes fixed on your goal, and don’t get sidetracked on detours that lead to sin.”

When I share some of the stories of my past with good friends the response is the same, over and over again: “I’m surprised that you’re still dating!” I haven’t built a wall (well, maybe just a small one…). But it’s hard for me to live with a wall. My personality is one of a very giving and caring person, and I enjoy being close to other people. My heart feels healthy and is full of love. I believe that living in The Word is what guarding my heart is all about. Establishing safe boundaries. And sticking with them.

Big Trips… YES. Detours… Let’s pass.

What do you think about Guarding Your Heart?

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