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Focus: How This One Simple Adjustment Changed My Whole World

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Focus... a matter of perspective.

In some ways, we’re very simple… yet, very complex. Most of life is just that way too.

I was reading a Michael Hyatt post from a couple of days ago… ┬ábad habits and how to “Just Stop It”… Bob Newhart handed this advice out for next to nothing… freely… this advice seems pretty simple really… like God’s grace, in a way, I guess…

Step into my friend Moe’s world… two days ago Moe’s world and post were filled with “background noise”… this background noise, The Rush And The Roar, is the stuff of life…

Background noise… at times it seems like background noise whitewashes out the eternally relevant and significant…

When we toss our lives into one big box we find that the background noise can be rather loud… it’s there for Bob Newhart’s patient… for Moe… and for me too.┬áThe world around me hasn’t really changed all that much… background noise… it’s still there… but by making this one simple adjustment my whole world has changed… what is it?

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Praying For Something I’ve Already Got

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I prayed to God, asking Him to bless me with something to write about… something that came from Him… something that He wanted me to write today.

So check this out… the very first thing that pops into my mind is…

I’m praying for something I’ve already got.

Have you ever come to this realization?

I know, this must be about as clear as mud to you at this point… but stick with me and I’ll try to explain…

Let me start by saying I have an ongoing list of material… it’s not that I’ve simply run out… it’s just a matter of finding the right one, the one that He wants me to move forward (it’s all about Him, not me).

One of the virtues that God is working on in my life through this writing experience is patience. I have to be completely trusting in Him to let this thing flow. That may mean that I don’t post something today… tomorrow… or ever again. I have to believe that it’s really all about Him, and not about me (to Him be the glory).

I also have to be content with whatever the circumstances… completely copacetic… at peace… I’m getting pretty good at this one… but it’s a core virtue to “Praying For Something I’ve Already Got,” right?

Sometimes when we pray for something it turns out what we really need is just a matter of perspective…

we may already have it but just don’t see it…

because we’re looking at everything from a different point of view…

ours instead of His.

Do you have an example of “Praying For Something I’ve Already Got” in your life?

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