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The 3 Most Important Attitudes the Successful Use to Overcome Failure

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optimistic attitude“Well, that didn’t work out quite the way I anticipated.” Have you ever uttered these words? Sure, we all have. For whatever reason, it can be difficult to overcome failure, recoup, and move forward.

If we are to succeed at anything we have to try. Remember, the greatest risk is not taking one.

Do successful people fail? You betcha!

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Stuck In Hypothetical Paralysis?

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Don't be hypnotized by the hypotheticals

Don’t be hypnotized by the hypotheticals

Hypothetical paralysis… a Chris-ism for waiting around for something to happen, like a hypothetical. It’s a bummer. Waiting is paralyzing like a transmission that’s stuck in second gear. Low on fluid and out of get up and go. Further, hypotheticals are possibilities. Many are worth nurturing, just like chasing a dream. Being paralyzed by them is just not a great place to be.

A goal without a plan is simply a dream. It’s ok to dream but you have to convert. Many dreams are worth intentionally chasing. (Click To Tweet)

Been there? Done that.

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Overcoming The Neins with some lower-case o’s

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the Alpine Butterfly Knot... versatile... it even has a lower-case o

Our Christian Writers topic for this month… “The 9’s” … guess where my mind went… “The Neins” … which in German means “not.” (the cardinal number 9 is actually “neun” in German). I tried to put serious thought into the use of not… Why Not 🙂

Absorbed in the train of thought – To Nein… or Not To Nein… that is the question…

Why Not?

Well, for starters, Nein is a negative. I always want to be in the positive. That is a really good reason Not to Nein…

and just when life seems perfectly peachy… it happens…  here come The Neins.

These “Neins” are sliding to the other extreme from the optimists… they’re the pessimists.

I could head off into a corrosive diatribe about The Neins… but I’m Not (hee hee)

How to handle The Neins?

I came up with 2 choices…

– My first choice is to overcome The Neins with goodness. Yep, that’s using your mojo… and it’s our motto… this is possible and likely in many scenario’s… bingo… or Bravo Echo Foxtrot Tango… dress it up with love like a flamingo… top it off with a glowing halo… disguise it all incognito… make it silly giggle as in jello… spice it up with oregano… or a delicious warm bowl of Spaghetti O’s (ooops, I mean o’s)…

be patient, and if that doesn’t work…

– Reduce, or, if necessary, Eliminate some of it… tune it out (lower the audio)… remove it from close proximity (relo)… that’s correct, an embargo… send it down the Congo… pronto…

However, if neither choice works, you’ve pretty much run out of options… but be at peace and don’t let it drive you loco… like the entire WWW must think of me after reading this one 🙂

Any other lower-case o’s on overcoming The Neins?

I’m writing today as a contributor to the Christian Writers Blog Chain. Our theme for this month is “9.” Christianwriters.com is an excellent place to network if you’re a Christian writer or author.

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