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When Words Sting by Jon Stolpe

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Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 5.39.46 PMPlease join me in welcoming Jon Stolpe today. I don’t read a whole lot of blogs now, but I do subscribe to Jons and look forward to reading it every morning. Jon is a very gifted writer who is passionate about small groups, missions, family, marriage, parenting, and Philadelphia sports.  Jon is also a writer and blogs daily at Jon Stolpe Stretched. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wonderful wife, Leanne, and their two kids.  Connect with him on TwitterFacebook or his blog.

When Words Sting

“If I get a 1,000 compliments and one insult, guess which one I listen to? The insult, of course. I have an unbelievable ability to ignore a swarm of positive words and camp out on the one negative.” Jon Acuff

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 6.56.52 AMIt’s probably happened to all of us at one time or another – someone says something to us that absolutely stings.

Maybe they call you names. Maybe they are just rude. Maybe they insult you.

Words can hurt!

Words can sting!

Words can leave a gash on our hearts!

So how can we respond when this happens? How can we move past the pain of words?

Here are a five suggestions to get you thinking:

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Stretched To Transparency

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Keep Stretching...

Keep Stretching…

I’m on the road today, back to Pennsylvania, the state where I was born… in a manner of speaking, since I’m writing at Jon Stolpe’s “Stretched” blog! Of course, rubber bands came to mind, as did being stretched for sharing the Gospel, all about Jesus with everyone who will listen.

If you’re not staying stretched to transparency, you’re not living. (Click To Tweet)

I’ll share with you a cool Bible verse, Jesus speaking about how you can live your life now to the fullest AND be with Him for eternity, too! Not possible, you say? Check it out by following this link over to Jon Stolpe’s Stretched Blog.

Jon is an interesting guy, a Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, uncle, engineer, runner, chicken farmer, gardener, saxophone player, operations manager, adventurer, and the list goes on…. please visit his place often!

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