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What To Do With All Of Those Rocks?

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“Sometimes in life there just aren’t enough rocks” – Forrest Gump

forrest and jennyThose were Forrest’s words of wisdom upon reflection of Jenny’s rage of anger at her past as they stumbled upon the old house were Jenny was raised. Jenny unloaded every stone in sight on the structure, busting out a window in the process before slumping down in exhaustion to sob, maybe on that day once and for all relieved. Jenny’s childhood, from the glimpse that we saw in the movie, wasn’t all that wonderful. I’m guessing that her youth had a residual impact on her life, her pattern of running away from reality and years of reluctance to take the next positive step in the direction of God’s destiny and will for her life… a wonderful, albeit short, love that she would recognize and share with Forrest and their young offspring, little gumpster.

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What I Learned About Unconditional Love From My Man Gump

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I love Forrest yes I do. Yep, unconditionally too. I’ve written about him before (just a couple of times). Now Forrest was not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he knew a few things… most importantly, Forrest knew unconditional love.

God’s perfect example of unconditional love was Jesus… he came for us and lived the perfect life, dying for our sins… we can’t earn it and don’t deserve it but got it anyway. God gave us Jesus… and then they gave us Gump.

Unconditional love… loving without any agenda. That means I’m going to put you first.

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do i really want to smell like The Old Spice Guy ?

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The Old Spice Guy… we all know him from the commercials at the movie theatre… he is entertaining…

links to The Old Spice Guy's youtube videos

and we all know what he smells like, right?

well, maybe not…

does Old Spice Guy smell like a possum… or is his odor awesome?

I’m not really sure…

his attraction must be more than just a scent…

his irresistibly squeezeable man muscles for sure.

Or is OSG just an image to be deflated?

He seems to really think a lot of himself…

“are you now neck-deep in the sweet waters of friendship and trust” he asks?

He sure is a smooth talker…

but does he have the action too?

“anything is possible when your man smells like old spice”

Q: Do I really want to have a wind like him?

“look at your man now back at me” …

dude, now you’re really creeping me out, this sounds exactly like a comparison affair!

I have to wonder if he really knows what love is (like my man Forrest? )

Not sure what Forrest smelled like…

but I’m Just Thinkin’ I’ve got a better scent…

it’s called Smells Like Jesus

Smells Like Jesus? I’m Thinkin’ that this fragrance is more like Dolce and Gabbana, than The Old Spice Man…

and whatever Jesus smelled like, count me in!

What do you think Jesus smelled like?

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The Filter Theory: You say ping-pong, I think ??

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I’ve got this theory that each of us has a series of filters in our brain (please humor me here if you think I’m just giving an old idea to posterity).

These filters, as I call them, are basically a sum of our past experiences combined with our heart.

The filters determine how we interpret information as it reaches our mind.

The filters can work for us… or against us.

The determining factor of how the filters work in our life is connected to our heart.

If our heart is not in the right place the filters in our mind are most likely not going to work for us.

Here’s an example… if you were to mention playing “ping-pong” and the first thought to cross my mind is landfill leachate obviously I may have something in my past that is making me go into a funk just by the thought of this game. I know, that’s a silly example (particularly since Gump loves ping-pong), but you get the picture… my filter is telling me that I should be repulsed by the back and forth motion of the ping-pong ball by the two ping-pong paddles… and while I may like the soothing chime of the ping-pong ball as it rattles off my paddle, I really am not all that excited about knocking the ball back over the net to you. Maybe it’s the back and forth… back and forth… monotony that sounds like Chinese water torture?

The Filter Theory is pretty simple: Our past experiences combined with our heart determine how we will react to a given stimuli. The stimulus is significant to the theory as there is probably an underlying reason for the adverse reaction.

Applying The Filter Theory to ping-pong… in this example, my heart is just not getting into this game of ping-pong. Now, maybe my filter issue is that I am just not into sharing my ping-pong ball… so I need to either (a) loosen up about this game, and accept that it’s just ping-pong, or (b) maybe we should simply try to enjoy another game altogether. In any event, I would need to work on my heart and my ping-pong issue.

Are there any “ping pong’s” in your life?

What actions have you taken in the past to try overcoming these ping-pong issues?

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“A Feather on the Breath of God”

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“The wind blows wherever it pleases.

You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.

So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” John 3:8

I ran across this verse while reading through the Gospel in the Bible and it really sunk deep into me.

I think in part that it hit me because I’m very much a free-spirited person. I try my best to bounce off whatever is thrown at me and take life’s ups and downs in stride.

John 3:8 says, to me, that…

The wind is free (even elusive?)…

It’s presence in our lives is somewhat mysterious…

Some of  that mystery seems to be harnessed when we find and start to understand the Holy Spirit…

After I marinated in the verse for a while I started to think about Forrest Gump. I’m a huge fan of Gump, you might say that I have a bit of a man crush on him! I’ve written before about Gump… here’s the jist of what I love about him:

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