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Life In The Meadows

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Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado

Think about it… we start off life in the meadows. Fields of green grass that are pristine, with Bighorn Sheep grazing in the park. These “parks” in the Rockies are meadows or mountain valleys.  My image is of Estes Park, Colorado, the headquarters for the Rocky Mountain National Park. This land was once referred to as “The Circle” by the Arapaho Indians. A special place with many named trails, this land was frequented by these Indians in summertime. They always found their way back…

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How To Avoid The Paradox To Wisdom, Age And Spiritual Maturity

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Like the green fish… just happy to be me!

As we age, most of us tend to realize that we really don’t have it all figured out… that there is so much that we really don’t know…

at the same time, we generally also associate wisdom with age…

is this a paradox?

I’m not so sure… I believe this realization that we come to,  the more I learn the less I know…, is actually part of being wise. While I know I have much more to learn, I can now look back and reflect on…

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Appreciation for the Community here at I’m Just Thinkin’ for July 2012

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That time again… I really enjoy being able to do this every month, showing appreciation for everyone who stops by here to read and share. It has a dynamic all it’s own… and one that I learn and grow from every day!

July 2012 was typical of most summer months here… things slow down a bit and that’s cool as everyone is super busy with family and other important commitments… myself included, I’ve struggled to maintain the balance this month as I got super busy with work commitments outside of my writing gig.

A special thank you and hats off to the top 10 commenters this month, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts here:

Carol Peterson (11)

Neil Hornick (3)

Arny Sanchez (2)

Chris Stachura (2)

E G Lewis (2)

Joe Lalonde (2)

TC Avey (2)

Adam Collings (1)

Bill Jones (1)

Chris Henderson (1)

This is such and amazing experience… I’m personally very excited about the plans God has in store for us!

 “Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart that you were meant to do.” – CV

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Finding Synergy Through An Online Community

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The 5 C’s of Social Media

Synergy… dictionary.com says it’s “the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.”

I’ve been writing here at I’m Just Thinkin’ for over 2 years now. One of the things I’ve picked up on is the very cool trend of how ideas bounce around here in the blogosphere… yesterday’s post here was actually inspired, at least in part, by Andy Andrews… and I didn’t even realize it until Joe Lalonde commented that my writing reminded him of Andy’s recent work as well.

I’ve noticed this happens quite frequently… online and in life as we surround ourselves with good, like-minded people. Through our combined efforts we can always accomplish more that we ever could individually… “synergy through unity” if you will. Our online think-tank is similar to the one that has existed for generations… however, it is more readily accessible and potentially broader than ever.

How do we harness this synergy to achieve more? Here are 2 ideas…

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Top Commenters for November 2011

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word cloud by wordle.net

The top monthly commenters here at I’m Just Thinkin’ for the month of November were…

Carol Peterson (14)

Arny Sanchez (10)

Joe Lalonde (9)

Michael Galloway (6)

Christine Niles (4)

Adam (2)

Chris Henderson (2)

Loren Pinilis (2)

Traci B (2)

Andrew Z (1)

Please click on the links to enjoy their blogs too, they are some of my personal favorites!

Many thanks to everyone who shares here at I’m Just Thinkin’, your thoughts and comments are very important to me.

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