How God’s using my Booty to keep my Ego in check

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How God’s using my Booty to keep my Ego in check

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Fame, Fortune and a nice booty - Bradley Cooper has it all?

My booty is extremely… underwhelming.

It has apparently been that way since birth.

My booty ego was first deflated in college. After exchanging smiles with a cute girl at Rickey’s, I later noticed her and her friends looking… pointing… and laughing… at my booty.

It’s ok, really. No biggie.

If I could only move some of the extra from my man-boobs to my backside life would be better perfect.

but then I realize that God already made me perfect…

and I can just relax…

just being me…

and not be concerned in the least what one may think of my extremely flat booty…

or my man-boobs…

or even my thing for shoes!

so if you see me doing single-leg squats…

it’s absolutely NOT because my personal trainer told me to do them to bump up my booty (good glutes ARE important for runners, you know!)…

or that I have a complex about my booty…

just know that I’m content…

and grateful to God…

for my perfectly planar booty…

because God’s talking to me, and I need to listen

(this is the part of I’m Just Thinkin’ where Chris rips on Chris, and somewhat on popular culture too)

Our sense of Pride, or Ego, is one of the greatest obsticles that stands in the pathway to receiving the best that God has in store for us.

And I’m praying for something B-I-G

so I don’t need something little, like a booty Ego, standing in the way of that!!

What is God using to keep your Ego in check?



May 6, 2011at 9:57 pm

Very well said Chris. Contentment in God’s workmanship!

    chris vonada

    May 6, 2011at 10:24 pm

    Thank you for stopping by and for sharing here Kelley, I hope you’re doing good!!

Ricky Anderson

October 25, 2011at 10:01 pm

I think you misspelled my name…

Evan Forester

October 26, 2011at 7:46 am

Hey, I don’t have a booty either, but I say it is better to have no booty than a booty so big that you knock over lamps and chairs whenever you move.

But you’re right, Jesus loves me either way.

    chris vonada

    October 26, 2011at 9:15 am

    definitely an optimistic outlook on having no booty Evan, Keep Being Great 🙂

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